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Our Team

BELIEVE International is run entirely by volunteers (both in the USA and in the Philippines).  These successful business and professional people freely donate their time and talents to help lift sponsored youth out of poverty. 


volunteer organization


we partner with 11 schools in 8 different provinces.

volunteers reside
in the Philippines.


Volunteers in the Philippines

Our most important volunteers, those who make the greatest sacrifice, are the teachers who lead the volunteer team in each of our partner schools. 

Board Members

Eight members of our leadership team have actually lived in the Philippines, have been in the homes and felt the struggles of those living in poverty, and are motivated to help solve the problem of poverty in that nation.

Volunteers in America

Our volunteers in the USA work as a virtual team, bound together with a love of the poor and a willingness to make personal sacrifices to help our sponsored students achieve their dreams. 

  • Carvel Whiting, Director of operations 

  • John Meeks, Senior training/education specialist 

  • Akemi Meeks, Documents specialist

  • Dave Shore, Accounting operations

  • George Bell, Sponsor communications specialist

  • Paul Whiting, Chief technology officer

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