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I am a teacher at Camarines Norte School of Law

A 13-Year BELIEVE Scholar Gives Back to Her Community.

"I'm a teacher at Camarines Norte School of Law and I never forget to share all of the lessons I learned and experienced during the BELIEVE gatherings and workshops." Marineth Laudit, Daet, Camarines Norte

This is Marineth's story

"I was born in Mantagbac Daet, Camarines Norte (in Bicol Region). Growing up, we lived in an old wooden house with my aunt. My stepfather was a tricycle driver and he made just enough money for meals every day. In 1st grade, I was handed an application for BELIEVE and several days later, I was interviewed and became a scholar.

My mother was so happy that I received shoes, a uniform and school supplies every year. With this opportunity, I was really motivated to study hard and do well in my academic activities.


"It's so difficult being the eldest daughter. Growing up, I could recognize myself as another mother in the house. Up to now, I still feel even more difficult responsibilities: my parents' debts, my siblings studies, my health (I was diagnosed with Congenital Mitral Valve Prolapse) and my mother's health as well, and my current difficult relationship with my stepfather.

Activities in college

In college, I was the President of the Society of Young Linguists. We did many outreach programs to the poorest families in our city—those who are living under the bridge. One mother I met had two children, sadly, she was just 17 years old and her husband was around 40. But they were happy to receive gifts and food packs that we gave them around the Christmas holiday.

The first to graduate in my family

When I obtained a bachelor's degree and studied professional education after, I am the first one to graduate in my family. My mother is an undergraduate of high school while both my biological father and my stepfather are undergraduates of elementary school. I know that it is truly an honor and pride for parents to have their children finish school, so I worked hard on earning this diploma and making their dreams come true. In all that I do, the goal is always to bring honor to them. Someday, somehow, through this, I may be able to give them the house we long to have.

I've also been invited by the head officer of the provincial government educational assistance program to talk about leadership. There, I was able to echo the lessons I have learned from the BELIEVE monthly workshops. It’s quite fun and memorable.

The pandemic

During Covid we have been under strict community quarantine since March 16, 2020. Only those with quarantine passes shall be allowed to leave the house to purchase groceries and medicine. Sadly, most of the Filipinos work under “No work No Pay” policy, and I belong to that. Therefore, a lot may find it difficult to cope daily expenses. The government does offer 2-3 kilos of rice, 2-3 canned sardines, 2-3 packs of noodles per family. And we are now on the 5th wave of distribution. For every family with at least one working individual who follows No Work No Pay, or who lost a job during the pandemic, receive one-time P5000 (equivalent to $100) cash aid. We are surely unprepared for health care services. It will definitely be a huge problem if we get COVID cases.

Thanks to BELIEVE

Also, I work hard at everything to give back to BELIEVE International and let them know how grateful I am for all the assistance and support they have extended to me and my family. I have been a part of BELIEVE International for 13 years so it has already occupied a permanent space in my heart.

I will never forget the people who made all my dreams possible and the people who promised to give me a better life by providing me a quality education and that’s you, BELIEVE International. Because of you, I will always believe in hope, in kindness, in faith and in love for all mankind.

People behind BELIEVE international are all an inspiration.

Soon, I will be able to help more young adults pursue their dreams as well and I will be honored to see that happen."


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