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Amy has a personality that is admired by her classmates and friends and her desire to succeed is demonstrated by her perseverance and high grades. She is #2 in her glass with a grade point average of 90. She is friendly, humble, helpful and shows a strong desire to improve herself.

Goals: She wants to become a teacher and help her family.
Favorites: In school, Amy likes Science and English. She also enjoys dancing.
Family: She lives with her parents, an older brother and an older sister. She is the first person in her family with the opportunity to go beyond elementary school. If she can graduate from high school and college it will have a huge impact on the future of her extended family. 
Income: Her father is a farmer, her older brother is a gravel worker and her older sister is a laundry woman. Their combined income is only enough to support the basic needs of the family. It is not enough to keep Amy in school.
Housing: Their home has walls of bamboo. The roof is made of nipa leaves. The floor is concrete.

Amy Joy Aydalla

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