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Belen has a positive attitude, strong initiative and is respected by her classmates. In grade school, she was #1 in her class (valedictorian) and vice-president of the student council. She won district team competitions and first place in a javelin throw. She has received service and leadership awards. In high school, her team placed #1 in a science quiz bee and #3 in volleyball. 

Goals: Belen wants to finish her studies, become an accountant and help her family.

Favorites: In school, she likes science, social studies, poetry and street dancing. She also enjoys eating cake, and reading books and magazines.

Family: Her father passed away. Belen lives with her mother, an older brother, her stepfather and his children in a rented house.

Income: Her mother and step father buy and sell vegetables earning $17 a month. An older sister works in a store, earns $23 a month and provides some financial support. The family does not have enough income to meet basic needs.

Housing: Their home has hollow concrete block walls and a concrete floor. The roof is part nipa leaves and part corrugated steel sheets.


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