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John excels in school despite how much he has to help his family through their financial hardship.  He is ranked 5th in his class, but as soon as he gets home he is in charge of cleaning, cooking, and preparing dinner for his family.  His father is the primary source of income in the family but does not work steadily.  As a result, John is motivated to finish his studies and have a good, stable job so that he can better support his family.
Goals: John aspires to finish his studies and become a computer technician.  As the eldest child in the family, he also strives to set a good example for his siblings.

Favorites: His favorite subjects are science and English.  He enjoys reading books and eating sinigang.

Family: John lives with his parents, younger sister, and younger brother.

Income: There is no steady flow of income in the family.  His father works occasionally as a construction worker.  The mother sometimes crafts paper mache and boxes to help earn money for the family.

Housing: John and his family live in house made of bamboo, hollow blocks, and coco lumber.  The house has a corrugated roof and concrete floor.  They live near relatives.

John Nicolas

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