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Jomar is a very responsible, honor student with high academic achievements. He is very determined to finish his studies. He sells snacks at school to earn money. Jomar has won Quiz Bees and placed high in other academic contests. He has a 93 grade point average.

Goals: He would like to be in the top 10 of his class, rise above poverty and become either a teacher or journalist.
Favorites: In school, Jomar likes contests and school publications. He also enjoys reading and fetching water for his family.
Family: Jomar lives with his grandparents, an uncle and a cousin. His mother has passed away and his father is sick. 
Income: His grandparents work as farmers and vendors. His uncle works as a driver. Their income is not steady. The family of five lives on about $7 a day when they have income.
Housing: Their home has walls of coco lumber and hollow blocks. The roof is made of nipa leaves and corrugated steel sheets. The floor is concrete.

Jomar Tayobong

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