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Joshua displays a strong determination to complete assigned tasks. He is in the top three of his class with a grade point average of 94. He is good in many academic areas and extracurricular activities. He is compassionate, self-disciplined, strong and yet flexible. He works well alone or with a team. He expresses himself well in classroom discussions.

Goals: By the age of 22, he wants to be a teacher and help his parents.
Favorites: In school, his favorite subjects are science and English. Additionally, he likes competing in Quiz Bees, reading and playing board games. His favorite foods are vegetables.
Family: Joshua is the oldest of seven children. His father died Jan 30, 2020.
Income: His father was a tricycle driver earning $35 to $70 a month. The family had no other income, so Joshua is planning to work part-time to help support his family while he continues going to college. 
Housing: The family lives in a home with bamboo and hollow block walls.


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