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Maricris is a hard working student. Even in difficult times, she never forgets her goal to finish her studies and help her family. At the age of 4, Maricris was abandoned by her mother. Maricris helps her father and stepmother earn money. In school, she is active in extracurricular activities, is a member of the Supreme Student Government organization and is the president of the English club. She gets good grades and is #2 in her class.

Goals: Her goal is to graduate from college and become an English teacher.
Favorites: In school, Maricris likes English, science and dancing.
Family: She lives with her father, stepmother and two older brothers. Her brothers are also in high school.
Income: Her father is a tricycle driver and her stepmother sells buko (coconut) juice. The family of five lives on less than $7 a day. However, their income is not stable. There are times when the family can only afford two meals a day.
Housing: Their home has walls of coco lumber. The roof is made of corrugated steel sheets. The floor is just packed dirt.

Maricris L.

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