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Marme is eager to learn and is hardworking in everythig she does. She shows leadership skill in in class and does her best to stand for what is right ahd what is good for everyone. She is also kind, helps fellow students, actively participates in school discussions, and can work without supervision. 

Goals: She likes entrepreneurship and is studying Bachelor of Technovocational Livelihood Education (home economics).  

Favorites: In high school, Marme liked studying Filipino. She also liked scouting and reading the dictionary.
Family: She lives with her parents and a younger sister.
Income: Her father is an occasional laborer earning $4 a day when he has work.  Her mother is sick and requires maintenance medicine, but when she can she works as a laundry woman earning about $3 a day. 
Housing: Their home has bamboo walls. The roof is made of nipa leaves and the floor is just packed dirt. 


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