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Mary is determined to finish her studies. She takes full responsibility for her studies and does her school assignments with excellence. She is also completely honest in completing her modules. Mary is aware of proper time management and handles her academic responsibly as planned. Her mother works 300 miles away, so Mary is responsible for many household tasks. In grade 7, she was chosen as a SSG (Supreme Student Government) chairperson. In grade 8, she was #2 in her class. Mary has an 88% grade point average.

Goals: She wants to become a successful teacher.
Favorites: In school, she likes Math.
Family: Mary lives with her father and two siblings.
Income: The family of 5 lives on about $6 a day.
Housing: Their home has walls of concrete. The roof is made of corrugated steel sheets. The floor is concrete. The windows are glass.

Mary Krizel D.

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