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May-Ann comes from a difficult situation. Her father used to work as a tricycle driver but he had a nervous breakdown, so the family is very poor. On weekends, May-Ann helps her mother try to earn money for her schooling. To get to school, May-Ann crosses a 50 foot hanging bridge and walks almost 2 miles to school. She performs well in school, has a position in the Supreme Student Government and is active in classroom discussions. She won second place in a Science Quiz Bee and is ranked #3 in her class.

Goals: She would like to go to college and become a flight attendant.
Favorites: In school, May-Ann like English, Filipino, reading and singing.
Family: She lives with her parents and four siblings.
Income: An older brother works in construction. The family of seven lives on about $4 a day.
Housing: Their home has walls of hollow blocks. The floor is concrete.


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