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Norleen ranks among the top 10 in her class and has been chosen as an SSG officer. She studies hard to pursue her dreams amidst the loss her family suffered due to typhoon Haiyan. They were moved into a government bunkhouse after losing everything in the typhoon. She remains polite and positive to teachers, classmates and shows great interest in school.

Goals: She desires to help her parents financially by finishing her studies and becoming a teacher. She also has high hopes to travel around the world.
Favorites: She enjoys studying Science and English as well as playing badminton, reading books and eating spaghetti. 
Family: Norleen lives with three brothers, one sister and her parents.
Income: Her father works as a motorcycles for hire driver. He earns approximately the equivalent of $3.50 USD per day. Her mother helps by cooking and selling snack food and washing the clothes of their neighbors.
Housing: They reside in one of a set of 24 government sponsored bunkhouses. It is made of plywood walls, a linoleum floor and a corrugated sheet metal roof with one overhead light bulb.


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