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Rodney has been a student leader in grade school and high school. He gets good grades, is a very motivated student and is highly recommended by his teachers. In grade school, he was valedictorian and in the top 5 of this class. In grade school district competitions, he placed first in a science quiz bee, first in a HEKASI (history/geography/social studies) quiz bee, third place in a story writing competition and third place in a poster making competition. 

Goals: Rodney wants to study mechanical engineering in college and have a successful life.

Favorites: His favorite food is sea food.

Family: His father passed away and his mother was left to support the family.  When she was with her children, they could not afford basic expenses. She is now working as domestic helper in the Middle East. Her oldest child is 15 and the youngest is 3.

Income: His mother sends $200 a month home to support her 5 children.

Housing: The walls of their home are hollow concrete blocks. The roof is coloroof (colored, corrugated steel sheets). The floor is concrete.


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