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Student descLarra Mae is one of the top students in her class with a grade point average of 90. To help others and share her talents, she joins school activities and clubs. She is disciplined, takes responsibility and shows dedication. Because of the minimal family income, Larra Mae finds ways to earn money by selling vegetables and other items in the local market place.


Goals: Larra Mae wants to become a good teacher and help other children.


Favorites: In school, she likes mathematics and English. She also likes writing poems and reading epic novels. Her favorite food is Pinakbet, a Filipino mixed vegetable dish.


Family: Larra Mae lives with her parents and three younger siblings.


Income: Her father is a street sweeper earning about $5 a day. Her mother does laundry work which, when she has the opportunity, earns about $3 a day. This is not enough money to support the family needs.


Housing: Their home has walls of bamboo, a roof of Nipa leaves and a packed dirt floor.

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