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Jezzrel is willing to sacrifice to attend school even when he has no pocket money. He is a good leader and also a good follower. He wants to do his best to help his school and fellow students. He is president of the math club, and the grade 8 representative to the Supreme Student Government. He won 2nd place in an English letter writing contest, and 2nd place in a technology quiz. He is ranked #4 in his class with a 92% grade point average.

Goals: Jezzrel wants to finish college and become an electrical engineer.

Favorites: In school, he likes math. He also enjoys reading.

Family: Jezzrel lives with his parents and four siblings.

Income: His father makes hollow blocks, but his income is not regular. His mother makes paper mache items, but her income is also not regular.

Housing: Their home has walls of coco lumber. The roof is made of corrugated steel sheets. The floor is linoleum. The windows are bamboo slats.





Laguna, Philippines


2nd Yr College

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