Cecilia Joy Drona

Cecilia has high values and the passion to learn and improve. She works hard and exerts good efforts in tasks given to her. She is a responsible officer in the Yes-O Club. She helps maintain school cleanliness and does her best to help others. She actively participates in class and achieved high honors last year. Her grade point average is 93%.

Goals: Cecilia wants to become an accountant and an artist.

Favorites: In school, she likes math and Filipino. She also enjoys drawing.

Family: Cecilia lives with her father and three siblings. Her mother passed away in December 2017.

Income: The family of 5 lives on about $7.50 a day.

Housing: Their home has walls of hollow blocks. The floor is concrete and linoleum. The windows are bamboo slats.

Cecilia Joy Drona




3rd Yr College


Laguna, Philippines