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Paulene Jallores

Pauline is ranked second in her class, gives her best efforts to school assignments and always submits her projects on time. She participates enthusiastically in academic and extracurricular activities. She has been a Class President and considers ideas from her peers. Pauline has a 94% grade point average.

Goals: She wants to become a Civil Engineer.

Favorites: In school, she likes Science, Math and Filipino. She also likes reading, Quiz Bees and making posters.

Family: Pauline lives with her parents and seven siblings.

Income: The family of 10 lives on about $4 a day.

Housing: Their home has walls of hollow blocks. The roof is made of corrugated steel sheets. The floor is concrete and ceramic tile. The windows are glass and wire mesh.

Paulene Jallores




Camarines Sur, Philippines


4th Yr High School

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