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Nelisa C.

Nelisa has been awarded the Perfect Attendance award many times, and an Academic Achiever since elementary school. She works hard to achieve good grades. Nelisa is honest, responsible, resourceful and a good listener. She has a 94% grade point average.

Goals: Nelisa wants to become a Flight Attendant.

Favorites: In school, she likes Filipino and MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health), She also enjoys playing badminton.

Family: Nelisa lives with her mother and two younger siblings. Her father does not live with them, has another family, but provides some financial support.

Income: The family of five lives on about $10 a day.

Housing: Their home has walls of wood. The roof is made of corrugated steel sheets. The floor is concrete and dirt. The windows are glass.

Nelisa C.




Leyte, Philippines


1st Yr High School

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