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Yishi Rizzi R.

Yishi works hard to get good grades, and always aims for excellent classroom performance regardless of her busy schedule. She is a consistent academic achiever. She shows excellent leadership in managing her team. Yishi encourages mental, emotional, social and physical health to achieve good team results. She shows excellent decision-making skills in tough situations. She has been a PIO (Public Information Officer) and has a 91% grade point average.

Goals: Yishi wants to become a doctor.

Favorites: In school, she likes Filipino. She also enjoys playing an octavina (a guitar-shaped instrument with more strings).

Family: Yishi lives with her parents and five siblings.

Income: The family of eight lives on about $10 a day.

Housing: Their home has walls of concrete. The roof is made of corrugated steel sheets. The floor is made of ceramic tiles. The windows are glass.

Yishi Rizzi R.




Leyte, Philippines


1st Yr High School

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